Heat Elimination for Bed Bugs

High - Controlled - Targeted - Heat

Established bed bug infestations are very hard to control or eliminate without the help of a professional. Although infestations are completely avoidable if you find them early, many people don't know they have them until they have reproduced. If you have an infestation, it means bed bugs have resided long enough to grow into breeding grounds.

Chemical Pesticide Treatment

Chemical Pesticide Treatment

Chemical pesticides pose a potential health risk for humans and pets inhabiting the treatment area, especially when they are over-applied. Each year, dozens of people fall ill due to chemical exposure from insecticides. Aside from poisoning your environment, conventional chemical bed bug treatments are work intensive for both the professional and the client. Fear builds because you are now ashamed to let anyone know you have bed bugs. You'll isolate yourself from family or friends. Because of this lengthy process, it can be emotionally taxing for those who have them. Scientific evidence shows that the pests are becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals. This tedious process may require multiple visits because chemicals don't kill bed bug eggs and return visits are necessary to kill the newly hatched ones.

That in itself, requires sometimes more than two applications of toxic pesticides to control the situation. Meanwhile, your life comes to a screeching halt and your home is turned upside down, as the process begins. Everything you own is now in mountains of black bags piled up in rooms along with many other personal possessions. Weeks may pass until you receive "the coast is clear" to unbag and get back to life as you knew it before bed bugs. Depending upon your emotional stability, this process keeps you as the "bait" for many weeks or months until every egg is hatched and all bed bugs are killed. That, is the nightmare people go through with chemical bed bug treatments! However, with the use of heat, a bed bug infestation can be eliminated in a day, without the use of pesticides, allowing you to get back to life quickly.

Why Heat?

Heat is a proven, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative for treating bed bugs. All living organisms have optimum living temperatures for growth, survival and reproduction. But they also have a thermal death point, at which all stages of the life cycle are eliminated. Bed bugs simply cannot survive at elevated temperatures. By targeting temperatures in the lethal range, all life stages (adult, nymph, and eggs) die within minutes. During the heat process, temperatures in your home will be from 135 to 160 degrees F. These are lethal temperatures to bed bug populations but not hot enough to damage most household items. When It comes to ridding your home or business of bed bugs the use of destructive and dangerous chemicals are no longer necessary.

Additional Heat Benefits

  • Unlike chemicals, heat treatments will not lead to any long-term health side effects for individuals or pets.
  • No need to throw out furniture!
  • Heat treatment kills all bed bug life stages in a single treatment.
  • Heat treatment is able to reach challenging areas by penetrating areas that are difficult to reach with pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Bed bugs do not develop resistance to heat like they can to pesticides.
  • Heat treatments allow for real time temperature monitoring of the hard to heat areas, ensuring a successful outcome.
  • Heat treatments allow occupants to leave most of their belongings, including potentially infested electronics, clothing and other contents in the space being heated. Minimizing the chance of re-infestation due to hitchhikers.
  • Heat kills dust mites and other bugs, bacteria, viruses, and sanitizes, all at the same time.
We are proud to offer the revolutionary Bed Bug Heat treatments - a process that is both a technological and ecological breakthrough in treating partial and entire structures for bed bugs.