Protecting Your Family Is Our Business!

Caring About You and Your Families Health

It's no secret that pesticide exposure has serious health implications. Most of which, are harmful to the health of our families, pets and environments. Evidence of this harm is very well documented, with seniors and children especially at risk.

Knowledge, A Prescription for Prevention

According to the EPA, an estimated 45-million pound of pesticides are used in homes and gardens annually in the United States. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) reports that 90 percent of us here in the US have a mixture of up to 43 toxic pesticides in our bodies. It's in our foods that we eat, the air that we breath, the products we use, the furniture we sit on and the ground we walk on. This widespread, long term use of pesticides has had a tremendous ecological impact over the years, from environmental contamination, pest and weed resistance, to the decline of honey bees.

Making Life Less Toxic

Organic pest control methods make a lot of sense - for people and the planet.
Nobody wants to live in a toxic environment! And the need for heavy pesticide use is not necessary to solve pest problems. Yet, the insides of our homes are already full of toxic phthalates, flame retardants and much more. My goal is to help you lower your exposure to toxic chemicals and to reduce your risk of disease. Visit to learn more about the toxic effects of pesticides.

My Mission

My Mission

"Preserving Life and Protecting Your Family"

Hi, I'm Lindell Spence. I'm so glad you stopped by. I started working in this industry for several conventional pest control firms in Queens and Long Island. While doing a bed bug detail in Brooklyn, NY, my client, a yoga practitioner for the Mahayogi Yoga Mission of New York, inspired me to participate in yoga asana and meditation classes. I was young and considered myself in good physical shape. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. This helped me realize my human vulnerability to toxins and the heavy burden that traditional extermination methods place on one's body. A couple years into my trainings, what yoga did was help me to realize the harmful effects of the chemicals on my body do to the sensitivity I developed. This forced me to search out alternatives.

I actually contemplated leaving the industry, but I began researching and experimenting with green alternatives. I replaced the toxins with an organic product that uses natural essential oils to combat pests. Not only did the product work well, but the aches and pains and chest discomfort I used to suffer went away and never returned. To date, I have no negative health repercussions. It turned out to be a solution, so I founded Advance Pest Solutions as a green alternative specialty business. My focus is on non-toxic pest solutions as well as honest, dedicated service to both home owners and businesses; I encourage you to make the switch to organic pest control alternatives. Again, long-term exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals increases the risk of serious health problems. And having your needs in mind, your health is my top priority. It is an honor to bring you safe, cost effective and reliable methods of exterminating pests. And I look forward to working with you. Be sure to visit our blog for up to date tips for all kinds of household pest prevention.